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Here at National Laboratory Sales, our team of experts understand that not all laboratory furniture are the same; like laboratory cabinets.  That's why we carry some of the leading manufacturers of lab furniture to ensure that you get the best from the best.  The laboratory cabinets in our collection offer the durability, safety, and convenience you need to provide your students with the optimal experiment experience. Our chemical cabinets are designed to last through many years of heavy daily use under demanding conditions. Units with surface area are designed for the safe handling of chemicals, flammable liquids, and other materials that you might need. Not every surface is safe for use in a lab, that’s why it’s important to make sure that you find the equipment that is specially-designed for use with chemicals.

Maybe you’re looking for freestanding cabinets? Freestanding cabinets provide lots of storage space for lab equipment big and minor. Glass doors enable easy viewing of contents so they don’t need to be opened unnecessarily. They are built with safe tempered glass for maximum safety. Tempered glass breaks evenly into pebbles rather than shards to prevent potential harm to students. Glass door lab storage is available in one- and two-door models.

Did we mention that with our design services we are able to help create safe, clean work environment?  Our laboratory bench tops are water and heat resistant and are impervious to  organic solvents, acids, alkalies, and other chemicals. We have available wall cabinets, base cabinets, mobile cabinets and have them from multiple top brands.  Our full line of laboratory furnishings also includes mobile cabinets, and mobile furniture and mobile casework. Let our talented team of experts help you find the furniture that will work best for your work environment.

Our collection of laboratory furniture are in high demand across the US and many industries! Take a look at all the different brands we offer like Kewaunee, Mott, St. Charles, Labcono, Hamilton Scientific and more!  We can provide you laboratory furnishings that will fit your specific needs. We can furnishings in many different sizes, types and by the top brands.

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